Safeguard your crypto & NFTs

Intercept dangerous transactions in real-time
and instantly move your assets to safety.
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Full control. Your keys & phrases are never stored.
Easy setup. Works with existing wallets like MetaMask.
Always-on. Industry-leading 24/7 security & 99%+ reliability.

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Why Saferoot?

Security, control, ease of mind.

Lock NFTs

Lock NFTs

Secure your most valuable NFTs by locking them in your wallet.
Set spending limits

Set Wallet Spending Limits

Avoid devastating losses by setting prudent spending limits on your wallet.

Seamless Wallet Integration

Saferoot syncs perfectly with top wallets including Metamask for a smooth user experience.
🎉  Get 50% off Early Access ↗️
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User testimonials

As a crypto-native product engineer, I’m always trying new dapps and minting the next big thing. But always cautiously optimistic to not have my wallet drained. Saferoot is a total game changer with its automated wallet protection. Saferoot has my back 24/7.
Arti V.
Software Engineer
Saferoot gave me an easy and intuitive way to instantly secure my onchain assets - exactly the type of product crypto desperately needs.
Daniel P.
Data Lead       
Saferoot is easy to use and is a game-changer when it comes to securing your digital assets
Gleb S.
Community Manager
Zerion Wallet
The more time you spend in web3 the more likely you are to be hacked. We’re still in the Wild West and so the work Saferoot is doing is of paramount importance.
Bryan A.
Chainvine & Ziggy
I absolutely love Saferoot, I’m going to use this to protect my high value NFTs. That way I know that if I get phished or something gets stolen my assets are safe.
Jaimin Patel
Caddi Finance
Saferoot is by far the best way to secure on-chain assets. Why isn't this a standard feature in every wallet? Everyone needs this.
Christian R.
Marketing Director
Saferoot is an absolute no-brainer for everyone looking for some extra peace of mind when using their wallet!
Jac E.
I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to set up Saferoot's protection. Now I can jump in on opportunities without the constant fear of being scammed.
Arsham G.
It's a seamless and elegant solution. Saferoot is amazing.
Adam H.
Nimblr Insurance
How it works

in 3 Simple Steps


Pick which assets
to protect


Customize Your Safeguards &
Backup Wallet


Breathe Easy - Saferoot has You Covered


asked questions

What is Saferoot?

Saferoot is an automated crypto asset protection service that integrates with your wallet to prevent losses from hacks, scams, or user errors.

Does Saferoot hold custody of assets?

No, Saferoot is entirely self-custodial and has no access to your private keys or assets. You maintain full ownership and control.

What does over 99% reliability mean?

Our technology detects threats and initiates backup with over 99% reliability, based on extensive testing on testnet and mainnet.

Which types of attacks can Saferoot protect against?

Saferoot stops unwanted transfers of NFTs and ERC-20 tokens and moves them to a backup wallet when a user-set safeguard is triggered.

Is Saferoot audited?

Saferoot has successfully passed audits by respected firms like Halborn and Least Authority. These audits are open-sourced, adding an extra layer of transparency and trust to our platform's security.


Subscription plans



Unlock a year of premium safety:
Exclusive early-access plan
Protect up to 10 assets
(NFTs and/or ERC-20 tokens)
1 backup transfer* a month
Safeguard up to $10,000 in assets
Early-access to future safeguards
Exclusive NFT for first 500 users
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*For a limited time, backup transfers to your own secure wallet are cost-free and included in your Saferoot subscription.

Safeguard your crypto & NFTs

🎉  Get 50% off Early Access ↗️