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Prioritizing Safety: Saferoot's Collaboration with Halborn

Prioritizing Safety: Saferoot's Collaboration with Halborn
To demonstrate our commitment to security and establish trust with users, cryptocurrency platform Saferoot has partnered with leading auditing firm Halborn to thoroughly validate our codebase and architecture prior to launch.
September 7, 2023

At Saferoot, security is our top priority. That's why we've partnered with Halborn to conduct a comprehensive audit before our platform launch.

Halborn's expertise will help validate our codebase and architecture. We chose to work with them because of their strong track record auditing crypto projects.

This audit reflects our belief that the crypto industry needs more rigorous security practices. We aim to set a new standard for transparency and due diligence.

By taking a collaborative approach, we hope to build trust with users that we take security seriously. Our goal is not just to release software, but to demonstrate the importance of prioritizing security from day one.

We believe this partnership will enable us to create a safer and more user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency. More broadly, we hope it shows that security should never be an afterthought in crypto.

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