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Saferoot Integrates Notifi Tools to Keep Crypto Assets Secure and Users Informed

Saferoot Integrates Notifi Tools to Keep Crypto Assets Secure and Users Informed
Saferoot partners with Notifi to combine proactive security safeguards with frictionless notification infrastructure for enhancing the crypto user experience.
September 21, 2023

The team at Saferoot is thrilled to announce an innovative new partnership with Notifi, a leading provider of cross-chain notification infrastructure for the web3 ecosystem.

This collaboration will allow Saferoot to integrate Notifi's suite of communication tools in order to enhance security protections and usability for cryptocurrency users.

As a crypto security solution, Saferoot provides real-time monitoring of transactions and instantly intercepts dangerous or unauthorized activity to keep digital assets safe. By partnering with Notifi, we can keep users informed regarding account activity and market moves across blockchains.

Notifi offers a robust infrastructure for managing notifications tailored specifically for blockchain-based apps and services. This aligns perfectly with our mission at Saferoot to build trust and accessibility in the cryptocurrency space.

By combining our proactive security safeguards with Notifi's ability to seamlessly manage web3 notifications, we believe we can set a new standard for protected yet frictionless user experiences in crypto.

We are excited to leverage Notifi's technologies to keep Saferoot users aware and in control of their funds through timely notifications and alerts. Going forward, this partnership will allow us to introduce new ways of enhancing safety along with usability.

Both teams look forward to innovating together and supporting mainstream crypto adoption through an approach focused on security, utility and thoughtful design.

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